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A Hawaii native, Kaisen brings the spirit of the islands to our zip-line adventures. Kaisen radiates the aloha spirit. A kind and gentle soul, who loves to have fun and be a helping hand to anyone that crosses his path. Off duty, he’s a volleyball enthusiast and loves nothing more than cruising around the island, exploring its beauty from every angle.


Jen is our leader! Born and raised in the legendary, snowy mountains of Boulder, Colorado. She enjoys having the privilege of sharing the thrill of zip-lining with visitors all around the world, and is incredibly grateful to be embraced by the beautiful culture and people of Kauai. Jen is an avid skier, and family is her life’s greatest treasure. Off the clock, you’ll find Jen hitting the trails, running with boundless joy, or feeding stray cats.


Krystal is a music loving, Kauai born go-getter and has been guiding zipline tours for 3 years. Not only is she an expert guide, Krystal is a master in the art of crochet and studied music production! In fact, as far as we can tell there’s nothing Krystal can’t do! Ask anyone close to her, Krystal is an absolute joy to be around and radiates strength and intelligence. And never to be mistaken, it’s Krystal with a K!


As a zipline tour guide hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Kauai, Hawaii, Silas is passionate about sharing the beauty of his homeland with visitors from all around the world. When he’s not guiding adventurous souls through the treetops, you’ll find him soaking up moments with his loved ones and honing in on his golf skills in  his free time. Watch out Tiger Woods!




A proud native of Kauai, Hawaii, Don brings island vibes to our zip-line adventures. Born and raised in this tropical paradise, there isn’t anybody that knows the island better than him. A sensitive being with an authentic personality, Don loves to socialize, and is always looking where the party’s at. Devoted to a life of pleasing the ladies, he enjoys making every moment a memorable one.